Manufacturing Department

In this department we assemble, calibrate and test proprietary products. Products that improve the accuracy, capacity or speed of existing test solutions. That is why they are purchased by the world’s largest clients - and ever more. For that reason, we are continuously looking for Production Engineers who find challenges appealing.
Apart from new products, this department is also involved with existing products. One of our products broke down, anywhere in the world? Then it will arrive in Zwolle, by mail – after all it is small enough - and the department’s employees will fix it. In addition, these born engineers support their co-workers from Hardware Development and Instruments Solutions during, for example, repair and the assembly of prototypes. As it is, they have the sole right to soldering circuit boards. Other than that, from ‘Manufacturing’ we arrange everything concerning our collaboration with partners and suppliers who, for example, produce and mount the circuit boards for us. 
Apart from Production Engineers, this department also includes the co-workers from Dispatch. They take care of everything concerning incoming and outgoing goods, stock management and shipments (e.g. of the repaired products). All of them are logistic winners.