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Stage: Operator Tester Interface

The test application department of Salland Engineering B.V. delivers turnkey ATE test solutions. This Test solution starts with an investigation of what parameters need to be tested and how these different parameters are tested on an ATE system. This investigation boils down to a written document called electrical test specification (ETS) and a draft schematic. The draft schematic is used as a basis for the hardware development, which results in a load board. The ETS acts as a basis for software development. When hardware and software are ready the so-called debug phase is executed. Finally, the whole test solution is examined using a gage repeatability and reproducibility (GRR) study.

Test applications in Salland are designed to test devices in an automated production environment either for wafer level and/or at final (packaged level). When testing wafers, probers are used to move and align the wafers. During final testing Handlers are used.

Before a test solution is mature enough to use in production handling and testing trial-runs for data analysis or testing for small batches is done by operators or engineers. For this particular case Salland is looking for a tester to Operator interface. This interface should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Start Test/Retest
  • Bin number per site
  • Interface via GPIB, so this operator interface is interchangeable (handlers and probers make use of the same GPIB standard)
  • Any other useful interface options after doing research at Salland


  1. Inventorize additional requirements for this Operator Tester Interface.
  2. Design and develop the Operator interface.
    1. Schematic
    2. PCB
    3. Software for interface and (if needed) some plugin/dll at testerside
    4. Housing
  3. Verify and validate the Interface at Flex/Ultraflex/J750 and V93K.
  4. Report the process and process outcome.

The above list gives plenty of space for your own ideas. At Salland Engineering we encourage you to submit your own ideas. We will discuss and assess their usefulness, so that you can maximize your own input.

With this assignment you will get a good impression of how it is to work in a high-tech creative company like Salland Engineering and learn new skills. We hope that, with this assignment, we will challenge you to come up with new, innovative ideas that will make this assignment a success for both of us.

What Do We Expect From You?

We vinden het belangrijk dat je een bovengemiddelde interesse toont voor Elektronica en ICT en dat je een relevante opleiding doet. Daarnaast vinden we oplossingsgerichtheid, analytisch denk en teamspirit belangrijke factoren om je afstudeeropdracht tot een succes te maken.

We bieden je de ruimte om met ons mee te denken en stellen jouw mening en kritische blik zeer op prijs. Daarmee creëren we bij Salland Engineering een veilige omgeving om jezelf te ontwikkelen.

What Do We Offer?

  • Goede begeleiding van ervaren collega’s;
  • Interessante materie en internationale contacten;
  • Moderne omgeving met goede faciliteiten;
  • Vergoeding van € 400 per maand;
  • Vers fruit in ons bedrijfsrestaurant;
  • Uitzicht op een baan.

Kan je niet wachten om te beginnen? Reageer dan vandaag nog! We zullen zo spoedig mogelijk contact met je opnemen om de mogelijkheden te bespreken.

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