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Stage Data Analytics Real-time charts

DPlus is a data analysis tool developed by Salland Engineering. Users can create various charts and tables based on test data. While most testers generate a file with test data upon completion of their tasks, some testers provide real-time data. Customers often prefer to connect to the data stream to visualize real-time updates. An added benefit is that customers can monitor the process and detect any deviations from the norm, which could be attributed to factors such as dirty contacts or overheating.

The software (SW) team operates under the SCRUM methodology. Throughout your assignment, you will have your own tasks to focus on, but you will also actively participate in SCRUM meetings.

To enhance our current data analysis tool, DPlus, we aim to integrate a network interface for capturing real-time data from testers. It's essential to note that Salland already houses testers capable of producing real-time data. Subsequently, our next objective involves implementing either charts or a dashboard exhibiting essential data points to visualize the data stream.

Required expertise for this task includes:

  1. Networking protocols and socket programming, particularly for handling real-time data transmission in JSON format.
  2. Proficiency in .NET framework, along with experience in developing user interfaces using XAML and WPF for creating interactive charting components and dashboards.
  3. Understanding of functional programming paradigms, specifically in F#, to ensure efficient and maintainable codebase during the integration process.


Uiteraard vinden we het belangrijk dat je een bovengemiddelde interesse toont in elektronica/ICT en dat je een relevante opleiding doet op HBO niveau. Daarnaast vinden we oplossingsgerichtheid, analytisch denken en teamspirit belangrijke factoren om je stage of afstudeeropdracht tot een succes te maken.        

We bieden je de ruimte om met ons mee te denken en stellen jouw mening en kritische blik zeer op prijs. Daarmee creëren we bij Salland Engineering een veilige omgeving om jezelf te ontwikkelen.


  • Goede begeleiding van ervaren collega's;
  • Interessante materie en internationale contacten;
  • Moderne omgeving met goede faciliteiten;
  • Stagevergoeding van 400€ bruto per maand;
  • Vers fruit in ons bedrijfsrestaurant;
  • Uitzicht op een baan.

Kan je niet wachten om te beginnen? Reageer dan vandaag nog! We zullen zo spoedig mogelijk contact met je opnemen om de mogelijkheden te bespreken.

Job features

  • 36 - 40 uur
  • HBO